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April 13 2021

Upper School Newsletter - June 15, 2022

Message From Division Director

Happy Summer, everyone! I am still feeling the joy from last week’s Commencement Ceremony, where the Class of 2022 transitioned from students to alumni. I sincerely hope those amazing 145 students find some rest and relaxation before heading off to their next educational endeavors.

At the same time, I wish a mixture of rest and adventure for our returning students. For those parents who will be in the Upper School community, you will notice that I use those words almost every summer. In my years of working in schools, I have found that those words perfectly encapsulate the most useful and meaningful student summer experiences. The ‘rest’ component is rather self-evident. It takes a lot of work to succeed in a college preparatory school. The summer is a time to rejuvenate and rebuild the energy supplies for the student before they enter the next school year. The ‘adventure’ component might be less obvious. During the school year, students are often immeasurably busy. Though we hope that they take advantage of opportunities provided at school to try new things, we also recognize that students have the same bandwidth limitations as we adults do. However, the summer presents a different opportunity. With the greater time gap, students often use the summer to try something radically new to them. Maybe they pick up hiking or rock climbing? Some students might try a job for the first time to see what it is like to be in the workplace. Other students might take a summer activity course and discover a new passion. Whatever they do, I hope there is a little bit of “adventure” in it … a dalliance with the unknown.

When I see the students again in August, these two words will be the center of my conversation with them. How did you rest this summer so you are ready for the school year? At the same time, did you engage in any little adventures that allowed you to try something new and learn more about yourself? For me, I have always wanted to learn piano (or at least enough piano to play some of my favorite songs). Maybe this is the summer I go on that adventure.

Have the most wonderful summer, Huskies!  

Don Paige
Director of the Upper School


Upper School Closing Ceremony Photography

The professional photos from the Upper School Closing Ceremony are now available to be viewed and purchased online. To review the photos, visit the Freed Photography photo gallery and enter your email address.  

Summer Learning and Summer Reading

Summer Learning and Summer Reading information for all three divisions are now available, on the Preparing for the 2022-2023 School Year tile, in Husky Hub. Summer Reading details the options for meeting our summer requirement. Summer Learning includes recommended resources for enrichment and skill maintenance across all disciplines.

Upper School Advisory Placement Process

Advisory experiences supplement the day-to-day academic and social-emotional growth of our students. Our placement process is intentional and centered on the student, like everything else at Flint Hill. The process involves many voices and steps in creating a well-composed advisory that becomes a tight-knit community the following year. Read more.

Final Grade Reports

Final report cards can be found on Husky Hub. On the “Progress” tab, click “Report Cards” and then click “Year End Review.”

Friendly Reminders

Upcoming events

To help protect the integrity and privacy of virtual events, we have placed all the links to Google Meet virtual events in Husky Hub via the All-School Calendar. 

Summer Programs Begin
Tuesday, June 21

Parents' Association

Thank You, Parent Volunteers! 

Earlier this month, we recognized and shared our appreciation for our parent volunteers at a breakfast reception on the John M. Thomas Terrace. We are grateful for the many parent volunteers who give back to our community and make Flint Hill a special place. Along the way, I hope you have made new connections, renewed friendships, and felt a greater sense of connection to our great School. You have certainly strengthened our community. Thank you for a wonderful school year. Have a great summer, and see you in the fall!  Volunteer Appreciation Reception Photos 

Thank You, Flint Hill!

Wow! What a journey. When we brought our son to Flint Hill in kindergarten, we did it because Flint Hill attracted us with its dedication to the whole child. Flint Hill showed us that no part was more important than the other – academics, mental health, fun, athletics and the arts all were intertwined to make a balanced and happy child. Read more.

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